May the Fourth be with you …

As a fan of Star Wars, a fan of the power of the student voice and student movements of the present and of the past, May the fourth is quite an interesting date. Star Wars represents freedom, love betrayal and fighting for what you believe is right and students have been doing this throughout history.


Students have reviewed the pointy end of the stick throughout history and on May the Fourth 1919, over 3000 Chinese students conducted a protest against the decision of the Chinese government to accept the decision of the Treaty of Versailles to transfer what they believed to be Chinese provinces to Japan. A little tired of being poked they marched on the Minister of Communications house and burnt it down. The next few weeks saw riots in the streets with several student deaths and over 1,000 arrests.


This group of students forced strikes  and created a successful campaign of communication that spawned over 400 new publications and created a new platform of discussion among everyday citizens. These students became the bed-stone of the Chinese Communist Party and led the way for the emancipation of woman and became a major factor in China’s subsequent political developments.


The OSSRC is gaining momentum with CSU in terms of quality and administrative changes. Together we can work to create our own communication path and ensure our online student voice is heard. Whenever you think as a student you cannot change things:





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