OSSRC meets with CSU Directors

After months of surveying online students, working with the Student Senate and talking to two senior members of CSU, the OSSRC have started negotiations to improve the minimum standard of online subjects and to discover more information regarding what online and online subject campus.


During the discussion the executives mentioned that the desired minimum standard for teacher/student interaction was:


  • leading up to assessment task an online tutorial will be provided
  • online meetings just before assessments and exam
  • answer questions quickly on forums and discussions


Speaking to online students we believe that even this minimum standard is not being met and we will work to not only meet this standard but to define a more suitable standard for online students.

The President of the OSSRC, Damien Hughes, has said that ‘this is a good opportunity for online students to negotiate and use the existing processes to make positive changes for online subjects and online students’. Damien also said that the CSU has identified that there are aspects of online subjects need improving. Sally Graham, a member of the OSSRC, said to the senior execs that ‘online students expect an equivalent experience of campus students’.


The two senior executives have asked for time to come up with an action plan for improvement to online subjects, and will meet again with the President of the Student Senate and the OSSRC in the next 3 weeks.


This is a major milestone for the OSSRC and the Student Senate. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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