Check Subject Quality

New and existing students can check the quality of subjects they are thinking of doing in the next semester. CSU give students the facility to check on prior Subject Experience Surveys by logging into Interact2 at :


If after checking your subject and find that prior results are not to your liking you can contact the subject coordinator and ask them what has been done recently to improve the quality of that subject. If you are not completely happy with that response you can contact a Student Liaison Officer who will help you take the matter through the Universities processes. Basically the CSU complaints process is:



  1. Identify your problem, some work units have designed systems to help students navigate through administrative processes. If such a system exists use it first, if not, then:
  2. Approach the other stakeholder and try to work it out between you. If that is not successful, then:
  3. Take the matter another step up and seek advice or assistance from your Lecturer, Course Coordinator, or the Manager of the section. if you have still not reached a resolution, then:
  4. Seek advice or assistance from Student Central or The University Ombudsman via email:
  5. If you remain dissatisfied you can seek an Internal Review. If that is not satisfactory then you may seek review by an external agency e.g. NSW Ombudsman
  6. Evaluate the outcome and use it as a tool for change or quality assessment
  7. Learn from the issue as an individual and as an organisation

If you are not getting results through this process or are unsure about the next steps, please let us know and we can get the wheels turning for you once again.


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