Cash for Creativity

The generous OSSRC CFC program will be paying for content for the OSSRC website. The OSSRC believes in freedom of speech and freedom of artistic endevours without undue censorship. The OSSRC will pay for


  • Videos;
  • Blog pieces;
  • Prose – Science fiction, fantasy, etc.;
  • Poems;
  • Infographics;
  • Photo essays


and other works as they are presented. The OSSRC want to help you the Online Student with having your work seen by others but also to get a little bit of cash for pencils and other things needed to get your next piece on the go. Heres how to geta good start understanding the process.


  • Please read the site, , to see the style it presents and to see what has been previously published.
  • Tell great stories. Create amazing content. Studying online is not easy and being creative at the same time is a mental juggle of world champion proportions. Stories and art depicting the difficulties of online study are very welcome.
  • Keep your content student-friendly. Although, as a student organisation we appreciate there may be a need for contextual ideas to be expressed in expressive language, or slang. If it’s in context go for it.
  • Our headings are clear and concise, always inspire curiosity and include a call to action where possible.
  • Articles 300-600 words long and narratives less than 2000 words are accepted.
  • Pay careful attention to grammar and punctuation.
  • Attention grabbing images are used to complement your content, in the header and within the body of the post. Imagery must be bold and relevant, with the image source referenced.
  • Content always should have an online student flavour; although, if you have written a great detective short story what can be so bad about that?
  • Read and comply with the OSSRC website Terms of Use.



The OSSRC will love to see opinion pieces art or other things to get a university type discussion going among the online community. Please read our guidelines and send us an email with your submission. OSSRC will be awarding one payment of $50 or two prizes of $25 as regularly as every week depending on submissions. All students that are not campus students and study online subjects are eligible.


Get your work published and start a robust discussion with your fellow online students.




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