Progress of Subject Quality Discussions

The President of the Student Senate, Jayden Bock, and members of the OSSRC met with executives from CSU today to discuss online subject quality. The meetings have been positive to date with this meeting proving to be no exception.


After many weeks of internal conversations the University has offered to help improve online subject quality through:


  1. Detailed report regarding timely delivery of subject online.
  2. Mechanisms regarding complaint process ensuring students can be heard in a safe and productive manner.
  3. Create an effective communication channel with the Ombudsman with each SRC.
  4. Ensure subject experience surveys are acted on from prior results
  5. SRC have opportunity to post to min mum standards regarding subject quality
  6. Subject experience Survey data to be made available to SRC’s at least
  7. Report on how this survey information has been used to improve quality
  8. PVC learning and teaching, contacted to adhere to University standards. This should happen within the next week.
  9. Continue conversations with Teachers and Faculties regarding increasing usage of video’s and online seminars.


The OSSRC President, Damien Hughes said “coupled with all our other areas of engagement with CSU this has certainly helped to bring about change. The future is looking bright for the OSSRC and for CSU students.” In the next few weeks the OSSRC should be given access to a lot more survey data and a letter should be sent to teachers and faculty staff reminding them of basic online subject delivery.



Please let us know if you have any further questions in the comments section below.

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