Online SRC Nominations

It has been an exciting year for the OSSRC with a strong push from the team to increase our presence in the online students community and place OSSRC members in committees with the University to ensure your online student voice is heard. This year alone the OSSRC has:


  • Awarded 2 Scholarships to Online Students
  • Represented Online Students in the Student Senate
  • had a committee member voted into position of Vice President in the student senate for the first time in the history of the senate
  • represented online students in the SSAF Steering Committee for the first time
  • Spoken to senior members of the university to increase online subject quality. These senior staff members have agreed to:
    • CSU to provide a report on the delivery of subject outlines (more than just % of KPIS)
    • Working closely with the CSU Ombudsman, working through the CSU complaints process and to ensure SRC’s are working more with the Ombudsman.
    • Investigate how previous years SES results can be published in the SO – including improvements based on the results.
    • Work on providing minimum standards and SES data to SRCS in a routine fashion
    • Communicate to staff about standards across the board.
    • Investigate how we can audit the online teaching and learning space to fully understand how many online lectures are taking place.
  • Created a OSSRC Web site and increased social media presence.

To continue this good work the OSSRC needs new members. Voting starts on the 8th August and their are 29 candidates overall. These candidates will help the OSSRC achieve much more over the next 12 months with your help. Steven Tougher is the current Vice President of the OSSRC and is re standing for election. Steve says that he wants to ‘increase our presence in the decision making process for online students and to communicate effectively with online students to ensure their voice is heard.’ Another sitting member who is up for election is Caroline Bowman. Caroline says that her ‘goal will be to promote the lived experience of online students to the CSU teaching faculty’ and to grow the ‘understanding of the differing needs of online students in comparison to our internal peers.


To see all of the candidates please visit the OSSRC candidate site and don’t forget to vote.


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